On the second anniversary of Mom’s death, I watched as the balloon rose high, floated far away on the wings of the wind, and then disappeared from my view.  Although the small speck eventually moved out of the range of sight possible for my human eyes, I knew with my whole being—with certainty beyond any doubt—that it was still there, still floating, still on the way to its unknown destination.  In that fleeting, extraordinary instant, I felt connected to Mom in her new world, the whole universe, and beyond.  At that moment, the words of Sarah Young from my morning meditation, returned to my consciousness: “Things that are visible are brief and fleeting, while things that are invisible are everlasting.”

Walking home from the cemetery, I wondered, what else is there—existing—beyond the ability of my human eyes to see, beyond the capacity of my other human senses to perceive, beyond the comprehension of my mind?  Savoring this moment of deep encounter, I recognized that my time with Mom was “glorious”—it was completely unexpected and completely transforming—and that there had been other such surprising experiences in my life as well.  The first was my years spent in Southern California; there, I had experiences that, as a girl growing up in Iowa, I did not dare to even dream about.  Then came the years at Harvard Divinity School; this was far beyond any plan or hope I could have imagined for myself.  Then the descent into hell in Maine and the resurrection of my life; the publishing of my books; the forgiving of Mom, and the healing of our relationship. As I left the cemetery that day—and every day since then—I have wondered when the next, unexpected glorious mystery will enter my path, and what it will be.  As I journey on - not knowing when I’ll encounter the next glorious or un-glorious mystery - I look forward to continuous opportunities to discover and explore new parts of myself.  Forever, I hope to be walking on this path that I know is leading me toward healing and wholeness.  Presence and Wonder will always be my faithful companions.