Dr. Edmarie Guzman-Velez

Listen and read about Emotional Memory that remains in persons with Alzheimer’s.

Professional Dementia Caregiver Training workshop

Meeting Alzheimer's ​reminds participants that in the midst of Alzheimer's disease there are TRUE MOMENTS.​​

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou

​These experiential workshops and seminars are designed to train care center staff and medical professionals in recommended methods of interacting with persons with dementia that are empowering, effective, and therapeutic.  Described as “holistic and alternative treatment,” this work is unique in its approach of focusing on what remains, fostering hope, and enhancing the quality of life and relationships. Using techniques drawn from improvisational theatre that are grounded in Validation Therapy, Habilitation Therapy, and Act and Commitment Therapy, Healing Moments training is described as enlightening, inspiring, life-changing, awesome, and Great Fun!


Meeting Alzheimer's dementia care training for professional caregivers provides participants with opportunities to learn and practice being present, noticing and accepting what is, saying "Yes," and meeting persons with Alzheimer's or other diseases of dementia in their reality.  Caregivers engage in exercises designed to increase their knowledge, enhance their awareness, open their hearts to this population, relieve the stress of their positions, and heighten their understanding of the emotional reality that defines dementia. ​


After attending a 6-8 hour Healing Moments' training program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the symptoms and behaviors of persons with Alzheimer's and dementia,
  • Describe how to observe, listen and respond to persons with Alzheimer's and dementia in ways that preserve and promote self-esteem and improve quality of life,
  • Explain how to reduce conflict, increase cooperation, and relieve stress for persons with Alzheimer's and dementia and those caring for them,
  • Recognize and accept the limitations caused by Alzheimer's and dementia,
  • Describe how to ease pain and confusion for persons with Alzheimer's and dementia and their loved ones,
  • Notice the inherent worth and dignity and recognize the value found within all people, no matter how cognitively compromised they may be.

In most states, this training meets the requirements for CEU's for nurses, nursing home administrators, CNAs, social workers, and speech/occupational/physical therapists. In addition, Healing Moments’ programs have met the regulations for care center dementia training in states requiring this on-going, specialized education.


So those with allergies and sensitivities may attend in good health, all Healing Moments' programs are Fragrance Free. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, aftershave or scented care products.

Professional Caregivers

​"The care of Alzheimer's patients differs from the care of other ill and aging patients because there is no cure. This reality is an invitation to professionals and families to focus our attention on enhancing the patients' quality of life and creating a supportive environment. At this time, this is truly the best we can do."

​~William Berlingieri, MD,Psychiatry Practice, Portland, Maine