The Forgiving & The Forgetting

The Forgiving & The Forgetting by Jade Angelica follows Lizzie, her estranged daughter Eva and her son, Tom a priest, as they all learn of Lizzy’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.

The Forgiving & The Forgetting: Hope and Healing for Alzheimer's is another creative project of Healing Moments, a non-profit organization founded in 2007 to provide Education, Advocacy, and Ministry for persons with dementia and those who love and care for them. 

The primary mission of Healing Moments is to improve the quality of life for persons with Alzheimer's and their loved ones by enlivening their hearts with hope and enhancing their belief that meaningful relationships remain possible.  In addition, the programs offered by Healing Moments are designed to help professional, family, and informal caregivers understand and accept the challenges of the diseases of dementia, teach them how to be confident, competent, compassionate caregivers, and to enhance their motivations for developing effective skills for communicating and connecting.

As portrayed by The Forgiving & The Forgetting, Healing Moments utilizes creative, state-of-the-art, interactive teaching techniques, including spiritual practices and improvisational theater exercises, delivering learning experiences that are informative, inspiring, life-changing, and fun!  In 2010, Healing Moments received a First Place Best Practices for Older Adults Award from the National Council on Aging/National Interfaith Council on Aging. 

The play script is based on the life experiences of Healing Moments founder, Jade Angelica, as she cared for her mother Jeanne, and the workshops she developed for Healing Moments.  Originally written in 2009 as part of Jade's Doctor of Ministry program in Faith, Health, and Spirituality, many collaborators have assisted over the years to develop the script into its current form.  For their creative ideas and helpful feedback, we remain ever-grateful.

We, the dedicated creators, cast, and play and film crew, all hope, that through this performance, we can make a healing difference in the lives of all who see it.

Preview the original song, "Yes, And..." written for The Forgiving & The Forgetting

Listen to Jade Angelica speak on "Alzheimer's Speaks Radio" about Hope and Healing!

The Forgiving and The Forgetting: Hope and Healing for Alzheimer's

By Jade Angelica 
With Gail Gallagher, Darrick Jackson, and Amy Ressler
Lyrics by Gail Gallager and Jade Angelica; Music by Gail Gallagher and Kat Kidwell

​An inspiring, educational play designed for a multidisciplinary audience of family and professional caregivers that creatively and compassionately unites dramatic storytelling, spirituality, improvisation, and Alzheimer’s Science.

Listen to an audio performance of The Forgiving & The Forgetting